From Employers:

Learning the Right Way

“If you’re looking to upgrade your license to become one of our drivers, check out AB Roadsafe. The instructors care about their students, and their success. They are exceptional teachers, and teach you the right way, to make Alberta’s roads safe.”

North West Fire Rescue & Training, a private fire service that provides sentry and safety services for energy companies while they drill, frac, and service wells.

From Our Students:

Great Driving School

Dennis knows what he is doing and some times you may find him a bit tough but that is what you are paying him for!! Learn from your mistakes and listen to what he tells you and you will be successful… Great driving school I would recommend them to anyone who has needs they can offer!

Jamie Guitar, Student

Excellent Guidance

I would like extend my thanks to both Corri and Dennis for their excellent guidance throughout this learning experience! I highly recommend AB RoadSsafe training! Outstanding quality of skills being taught by a highly experienced driver.
Charles Ross, Student

Patient & Honest

Many thanks to Dennis and Corri. Very honest and hardworking to get me ready. I sweated but Dennis said “don’t sweat it, you are ready”. He was right.
In teaching me, he was very patient, answered my many questions when I asked ‘why’ so often. I like to know why I’m doing things a specific way, and how things work together. Dennis knew all that stuff. Do this because. ……   Don’t do this because. …..
Again thank you and I’ll surely recommend AB RoadSafe!
Allain Cote, Student

Safe and Professional

Thanks Dennis!!so glad I finally committed to do this course! Even happier I choose AB Roadsafe to do my training. If anyone is looking to become a safe and professional driver, Dennis is the man to show you the way, very professional, great training with you! thanks again!
Tyler MacDonald, Student

Number One!

Just passed my road test today! Thank you Dennis. You are an awesome instructor! Thank you Corri for all your work in setting everything up on time. Garry said thanks also . Will give you a call when l get back.
Would recommend AB RoadSafe to anyone anytime!  Dennis is very professional and is driven to get his students passed the first time.
Very good Dennis !!! You are number one !!
Rick Burton, Student

Highest Caliber

I had the privilege of doing my class one driver training with Dennis as the instructor and could totally recommend AB RoadSafe for any future students. Personal, individual training of the highest caliber!  You are sure, when doing your road test, that you are competent and will pass the test. To Dennis and Corri; thank you for your commitment and dedication, and keep up the good work!!
Dennis and Corri are doing a great job, as always.  Your success rate is phenomenal!
John Kotze, Student

Just What I Needed

Thank you!! Dennis and Corri are an amazing team with lots of gainful knowledge. So happy I went through your course.  It was a blast. Thanks again
Colin Mitton, Student


Dennis and Corri were phenomenal. They worked with me every step of the way on my tight schedule and they always made a point of making sure I knew they would work for me. Extra special thanks to Dennis for whipping me into shape and pushing me out of my comfort zone, and displaying confidence in me at all times even when I may not have had it in myself. I couldn’t have done it without Dennis’ above and beyond approach. I can’t believe how hard Dennis worked to help me, I was never left with a question hanging over my head and even when the session ran long the day wasn’t over until I got what I needed. The level of care that they put into their students is exceptional and I don’t think can be found anywhere else. Again I can’t thank you enough guys for pushing me to the top of my game!
Dustin Micks, Student

Highly Recommended

Dennis and Corri are top-notch people!! Dennis is the best instructor I have ever had when it comes to training. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient and supportive. I would highly recommend this training course and I look forward to doing more training with them in the future.
TJ Tattrie, Student

Best Fit

 I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis and Corri while I was trying to find the best fit for my driver training and, right from the start, I knew I had found the right training provider.  I was impressed with how hard both worked to re-schedule and adjust there personal time to make time for me, because I was under the gun and needed certification ASAP.  I don’t want to use the word “rush”, but they had their hands full trying to make me learn and understand all the information they could provide for my tight schedule.  That was very important, so thank you both.  If I can ever help you like you helped me, don’t hesitate to phone me.
Blaine Letkeman, Student

Friendly and Kind

Love these two! Such a great school to go to! Dennis was hard on me over the last four days, but for a very good reason and not in a mean way. Just had to get what needed to be done, done! They were both very friendly, kind and know what they are doing. Thank you very much Dennis and Corri for all the hard work the both of you have done to help me get through ALL my obstacles in the last four days. I most definitely couldn’t have done it without either of you and I appreciate it very much, every single little bit of it.
Once again, thank you soo much you two.

Joy McCahon, Student


Dennis, and Corri were the very best. Absolute professionalism. Training is above, and beyond standards. Thank you Dennis, and Corri for caring, and for your knowledge.

Colin Steinke, Student

Faster and Safer

Dennis and Corri at AB Roadsafe were very helpful and knowledgeablele. I learned more in the short time I was there than I ever thought possible. Whether you have any experience or not, Dennis has the knowledge to not only get you your license but to get you on the road faster and safer. The students are always top priority. He could be on his death bed and still make the time to get you trained up and ready for your road test lol. If I had the chance I’d go back for even more training. If you’re thinking of getting your class 1 and not sure how to go about it, do yourself a favor and give these guys a call. They’ll help get you on the road.

Michael Drobot, Student

Flexible Training Schedule

Thank you Dennis and Corri!  You guys were awesome and patient, helping me work around my busy schedule. SO glad I chose AB Roadsafe!

Terance Tatarin, Student


Superb training experience!!! Dennis & Corri are super nice people. They treat me like a family, very helpful and kind. I love AB RoadSafe! God bless you and your loved ones…mabuhay!!!

Jonas Iral, Student

Highly Recommended

Corri & Dennis are both extremely patient, knowledgeable and helpful. They have an awesome trucking school in an awesome quiet location. Not only will you leave with your license but you will also leave with the confidence you need to be a safe driver. I got my class 1 through AB Roadsafe and I couldn’t have made a better choice! Highly recommend their school its affordable and you will not regret it!
Drew Finlayson, Student

Above and Beyond

After looking around and doing my research with pricing and where my training would be held, this was the place best suited for me. Especially after talking to Dennis and Corri, and explaining to them my personal situation and the urgency to get my class 1. They talked to me like a friend rather then just a customer. They accommodated my availability to train with my hectic work schedule, which was really difficult on my end. My training price was $1000 cheaper and was completed in half the time with the same amount of hours, compared to many other training companies. Training was first held on quiet back country roads, with no pressure from traffic or city driving. Dennis was super patient, up beat, and personable which made our sessions enjoyable. All in all he went above and beyond to do more then just prep me for my driving exam… He actually taught me the tools I needed, not only to be a good driver, but know the tractor and trailer.  I went into my exam feeling very confident and prepared, and came out of it with my class 1.
Thank you so much.
Michel Gagne, Student

Awesome Learning Environment

4 days of learning under my belt so far. Dennis is a great instructor and a Stand up guy. The one on one training coupled with the relaxed atmosphere of the country makes for a great learning environment.
Jonathan Browne, Student

Great Place

Great place to learn Dennis and Corri are both fantastic
Rob Cote, Student

Love My Job

I got my class 1 from AB Roadsafe back in February. It was a great experience, both Corri and Dennis were very helpful, patient and understanding. I have been operating a tandem dump truck since May and I love it. Thanks guys. Keep up the good training.
Shirley Rideout, Student

Wonderful Experience

Thank you ! Dennis and Corri for the most wonderful experience your compassion and flexibility and one on one training was remarkable!!! I have called the other facilities and found yours too be the very best and affordable even on me being on WCB it was fantastic! I got my class 1 in 5 days , it was a honor to meet you and may God bless you always ! Lucien and Debra
Lucien St. Hilare, Student

Great Location!  Great Instructor!

Dennis is a great instructor, extremely knowledgeable, and a super nice guy! Not only does he teach you the skills, he also gives you the confidence. He makes sure you know what you are doing and fully prepares you for the exam. Definitely recommend the school to everyone, and it has a great location.
Adam Dunn, Student

Relaxed Atmosphere

Thanks to Dennis and Corri at AB RoadSafe for helping me achieve my class 1!  I’m glad I choose them as it was the perfect driving environment. We started slow away from traffic, worked my way onto the paved highways and once I was ready into traffic. Couldn’t have done it at any other driving school.
Rob Peebles Jr., Student

Professional Training

The best place to get your licence upgraded. They take the time and make sure you know what you are doing prior to your testing. A very professional place to learn.
Randy Tancowny, Student

One on One Training

“This is an excellent course, great one on one instruction.”

Trevor Carnegie, Student

Specialty Driver

After graduating from AB RoadSafe with my class 3, I’ve become a specialty driver. I’m very happy with my dynamic career! !! I get to off road every day!”

Erin Elizabeth Porter, Student

Continuous Learning

“I have been a Class 1 driver for the past 28 years:

  • 15 winters hauling logs
  • 15 summers on the highway
  • the last 7 years I hauled logs around
  • totaling 22 years
  • the last 6 years in the oilfield.

“I can say I was shown a few more things when I went to AB Roadsafe. Dennis is a very highly recommended driver trainer—anybody wanting to be shown the proper way best take the time to call AB Roadsafe.”

Edward Anderson, Student

Just Starting Out

“Started Class 3 driver training on Monday. Never drove a standard transmission in my life, and now I can drive a big truck! My driving exam is next Thursday. Thanks to AB Roadsafe, I will be able to drive trucks for Northwest Fire. If you’re looking to get your airbrakes or Class 3 and higher, go with AB Roadsafe. Check out their Facebook page!”

Ashley Ives, Student

AB RoadSafe is proudly offering truckdriver training, class 1 training, class 3 training, and air brake programs to Sturgeon County, Parkland County, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Edson, Drayton Valley, Edmonton, Morinville, St. Albert, Westlock, Fort McMurray, Athabasca and surrounding areas!!


          WE HAVE CARRIED OUR JUNE SPECIAL INTO JULY! Class 3 Truck Training (20 hours) – $1,150.00 Includes: Air Brake Program (10 hour class) Truck Training – 10 hours in-truck Class 1 Truck Training (30 hours)- $2,200.00 Includes: Air Brake Program – (10 hour class) Truck Training – 20 hours in-truck […]

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Jobs For New Drivers

I have my license ….  what now? We understand your frustrations as many new employers will ask for proof of driving experience.  Although it is more difficult to find a job as a new driver, the jobs are there!  As with any new career, you may have to start lower on the corporate ladder (local […]

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CALL NOW TO REGISTER FOR OUR ONE-DAY AIR BRAKE PROGRAM DISCOUNTED PROGRAMS!! Air Brake Program $200 (if taking the Air Brake Program only) or $100 ONLY (when registering for truck training!!!!AIR BRAKES EVERY SATURDAY CLASS 1 (includes Air Brakes & 20 hours) *4 hours x 4 1/2 days *2 hours for road test Fee: $2,500 […]

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We would like to introduce a new member to the AB Family!

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CLASS 1 TRUCK TRAINING (includes Air Brakes & 20 hours) * 4 hours x 4 1/2 days * 2 hours for road test Fee: $2,500 + GST CLASS 1 ADVANCED TRUCK TRAINING  (Includes Air Brakes & 28 hours) * 4 hours a day x 6-1/2 days * 2 hours for road test Fee: $3,460 + […]

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  FREE AIRBRAKE COURSE WITH THE PURCHASE OF ANY TRUCK TRAINING PACKAGE! Now taking registrations from eligible students to upgrade their driver’s license in a class that will start on January 2, 2016. Register now to start your Class 1 or Class 3 training.  Begin this training with an Air Brake Program.  This course is […]

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 Recognize the special hazards of winter driving and know the techniques needed to drive safely in spite of them.  The facts are here, the rest is up to you. Be able to see and be seen – Clean all the snow and ice off of your windshield, other windows, outside mirrors, lights and reflectors.  Make […]

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            When winter is upon us, we must put our SAFETY CAPS on and our best foot forward. Following are some suggestions: Re-vamp our attitudes. Improve and increase our Courtesy and extend more consideration. Respect and concern for other motorists, customers, equipment, fellow workers, company and quality. Common sense is […]

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AIR BRAKES EVERY SATURDAY CLASS 1 (Includes Air Brakes & 20 hours) * 4 hours a day x 4-1/2 days * 2 hours for road test Fee: $2,500 + GST CLASS 3 (Includes Air Brakes & 10 hours) * 3 hours a day x 3 days training * 1 hour for road test Fee: $1,200 […]

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